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Please kindly note our cable quality is different from other cheap cables in market, as we use superior material and has strict quality control. No need extra cable from car cigarette lighter socket, replace it with a permanent hidden cable. Works with most dash cam! Keeps cigarette outlet free. 24 hour surveillance protects against battery dying with parking mode. Easily install, looks clean and professional. Switch Turn On/Off Function. The voltage cut-off level is 11.5V for 12V battery, 23.0V for 24V battery, 34.5V for 36V battery. It will automatically shut off the device if the voltage dips below the configurable voltage cut-off level, protect your vehicle's battery from being drained by the dash camera.

I'm a produCar DVR Hardwire Kit Mini USB Hard Wire Kit Fuse Dash Cam 12V-36V tct

SKU: 126351351935
  • Input voltage: DC 12-36V

    Output voltage: DC 5V

    Output current: 1.5 - 2.0A

    Working Temperature: -20℃ ~75℃

    Compatible with 12-36V DC cars, for vans and trucks.

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