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Inventory & Stock Managment

Manage your Restaurant Inventory effortlessly and control Food Costs with SmartBiz comprehensive Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

SmartBiz’s smart Restaurant Inventory Software helps you keep tight control on the Stock and works to prevent wastage and theft.

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  • Keep a clear track of the current available Stock at your restaurant outlets.

  • The Stock-In & Stock-Out features give you the details of the available Stock at the beginning and at the end of each day.

  • Check the discrepancy between the Ideal Stock that should be consumed during a day and the actual Physical Stock that’s available at the end.

  • View detailed reports about Stock consumption and make data-driven decisions.

  • Transfer stock to kitchen for production and track consumption according to sales

Central Kitchen Management

Manage the overall circulation of raw materials from the Base Kitchen to the various restaurant outlets easily

  • View the Stock requirement of every outlet right at the central Restaurant Management System.

  • Create Purchase Orders for each restaurant outlet and manage the circulation of the Stock.

  • Keep a track of the Stock consumption across all the outlets through in-depth reporting.

  • Set minimum stock levels to keep track of stock availability and get notified if stock is running low


Raw Material Management

Keep a track of the restaurant’s Stock requirements through our Raw Material Management feature.

Raw Material Managment
  • Set re-order levels for each raw item in the Inventory. You can set alerts that remind you to order for more when the item reaches the minimum level.

  • Manage the Shelf Life of the items, especially for the perishables. Get notified when the items reach their expiration date.

Recipe Management

Maintain consistency across your outlets with the help of SmartBiz’s Recipe Management feature. Keep a track of the Stock consumed based on the recipe of each dish.

  • Centralized Recipe Management feature allows you to update the recipes across all your outlets instantly, thus ensuring the same consistency in quality and standards.

  • Recipe Management feature automatically deducts the amount of Stock consumed based on each order.

  • Keep your Food Costs in check by altering the main recipe and the portions required for item preparation.

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