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Benefits for Restaurant Owners

Take a complete control of your restaurant business

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Live Billing Tracking

Track the total number of bills generated at each of your restaurant outlets real-time.

Outlet-Level Reporting

View and analyze the sales report of each restaurant outlet in detail. Compare and analyze the weekly and monthly sales of each outlet through simple graphical reports.


Keep a clear check on the internal thefts in the restaurant through SmartBiz Insight App anti-theft module. Get instant notification for any suspicious billing activity such as high discounts, Void KOT, bill reprinting, and identify the point where thefts are happening at your outlet and by whom.

Item-Level Reporting

Get a better insight into your food business by identifying which menu item is performing the best. Keep a track of the best selling items, high-profit-margin items and the performance of each menu item for smart decision making.

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Food Cost Control

Reduce your restaurant’s Food Cost by keeping a track of your inventory items and their daily usage. View Variance Reports to monitor the difference between the actual and ideal consumption of Stock.

Staff Performance Management

Manage your entire restaurant staff by keeping a track of their performance. View the number of tables covered, total bills generated and the items sold by each server. Monitor the attendance of each staff through the Staff Management Module.

Expense Management

Keep a track of the amount of money spent on other expenses. Manage the Petty Cash and Purchase Expenditure through the Expense Management Module.

Live Inventory Tracking

Ensure that your restaurant kitchen never runs out of stock by monitoring your Stock and Inventory through real-time Inventory Tracking. View the consumption of each item and set automatic reminders and alerts that tell you to order more when a certain item reaches the Re-order Level.

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