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Tablet Ordering App

Accept orders directly using SmartBiz Restaurant Server App into the POS and improve your restaurant’s efficiency

Smart features to facilitate Quick Order taking process for your restaurant

SmartBiz Tablet Ordering App provides the flexibility for your waiters to take orders directly from the table and generate bill without leaving the customer. This ensures your staff are always available to serve your customers without moving to and from terminals to place orders. This ensures efficient order processing and less missed orders.

Key Features:

  • Full Menu View

  • Bill printing

  • Table and Bill Joining

  • Integrated CRM

  • Order type Selection: Dine In, Takeaway & Executive​

  • Guest Feedback

  • Kitchen Instruction Entry

  • Menu Syncing.

Talet ordering 2.png

Tablet  App Features

Quick Order Taking

Let your waiters accept orders readily with the help of the Server App. Orders get directly printed to the kitchen and pushed to the POS, thus reducing any delays in order processing.

Full Menu

View the entire menu display on the Server’s App. Menu updates synced to the tablet automatically . All menus a loaded from the main pos with multi level categorization

Bill and Table Joining

Handle the requests of your customers with ease with the ability to group tables for easy billing and also join bills for individual tables right from the tablet.

Talet ordering  Tables.png

Order Type Selection

Waiters can easily choose order type before ordering to make sure it is served appropriately.Waiters can choose  between Dine In , Take Away and Executive.

Talet ordering Order Type.png

Quick Billing

The Tablet POS allows waiters to generate bill to ensure guest request are attended to promptly and  reduces congestion at the cashier counter during peak periods. Waiters can view  Open Orders, Open Bills, Closed Bills and Order on Hold

Talet ordering Hold order.png

Customer Feedback

Let your waiters collect valuable feedback from customers that can be used to improve your service delivery right from the tablet ordering app.

Feedback Reports can be pulled from the main system for required analysis.

CRM Integration

View the complete customer data just by entering the customer name into the app. Reward customer based on the customer ordering history & preferences. New customer details can be captured right from the tablet which is automatically updated into the CRM

Talet ordering Feedback.png

Restaurant Tablet  App Bebefits

Detailed Reporting & Analytics

  • Keep a track of the number of bills generated, the items sold and amount of discount offered  by each waiter.

  • Measure the performance of the waiters with the help of detailed reports.

Improved Table Turnaround Time

  • Accept orders directly into the POS through Table POS App which also prints orders directly to the kitchen.

  • Reduce the delays of queuing for processing orders into the POS.

  • Investment in expensive point of sale terminals

Talet ordering Tablet Billing.png
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