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Online Delivery Mobile App

Your own customised Online Home Delivery App that allows your customers to view your menu and place orders from their phone

As demand for online ordering grows among restaurant consumers, so has the need for independent restaurants to find solutions that let customers browse their menus, select options and pay for their carryout or delivery orders online.

It is nowadays essential to let you input your menu information to create a simple ordering platform you can include on your own mobile app.



  • Push notifications

  • Google map integrated for accurate location

  • Social media and google sign-in

  • Promotions and discounts

  • Full menu synced from the onsite POS system

  • Orders come directly into POS system making

  • CRM

Tracking easier.

  • Purchase history

  • Favorites

  • Previously viewed item

  • Real time order notification

Delivey App Single.png

Main Features

App main menu

SmarBiz Online Delivery  App.png

Catergorised Menu Items full view

HD  Category.png

Catergorised Menu Items quick view

Home Delivery 2.png

Menu  Item Selection with variety and Special Request

Checkout with Delivery/Pickup and voucher allows customers to choose whether to pic

Let your customers save their personal details. Users can manage and edit their profiles and save multiple addresses for ease in placing Delivery Orders.

HD Order slection.png
HD Basket.png
HD Addres.png

Push Notifications

Send your customers instant Push Notifications on their mobile for increased engagement.

Oder and Transaction  History

Personlalised favourite items for easy and quick ordering

Discount Coupons for promotions and rewarding 

Home Delivery5.png
OD Order History.png
SmartBiz Online Delivery .png
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