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Restaurant Management Software

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Restaurants are fast paced, high performance work environments where every minor or major aspect must come together to make the business a roaring success. It is a stressful business that leaves little or no margin for error, and it is extremely important to have high class technology based solutions and tools at your disposal if you want to make a success out of your restaurant business.

At SmartBiz, we offer you industry leading technological solutions for restaurants which you can use to take things up a notch and give your workers the perfect platform on which to build culinary perfection and loyal customer base.

We understand that upgrading your restaurant software is a big decision and can be a significant
investment for any company. That’s why we use our proven experience and expertise in the
industry to make sure our software actually brings value to your business.

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Handheld ordering

SmartBiz handheld app enables you to take an order at the table with the order automatically printed in the kitchen. You can also print bills from the Handheld, look up previously ordered items for a selected table and view specials of the day as well as take guest feedback


Table Map

The Table Map provides a graphical user interface to view status of all table within the establishment. The table Map is completely customizable.


HR & Payroll Management

It allows multiple users to access from different locations and to manage the HR systems that includes managing and maintaining employee data, time and attendance, work analysis, payroll processing etc.

Loyalty Management

SmartBiz provides an integrated solution that has the ability to implement gift cards and loyalty programs for small to medium sized shops and chains. It includes redemption, configuration, reporting etc…

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Split Bill

Customers often come in groups for satisfying taste buds but they don’t want to burn big holes in a single wallet. In this case they may request for bill split. What if you don’t have such facility or if you do it, the procedure becomes untraceable for future financial calculations.

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Stock Control

Stock Control is available by default in the SmartBiz Restaurant Management System, whether you have a single location or multiple locations, Bizmax can manage the inventory of stock with the ability to enter stock transfer, generate purchase orders etc.


Kitchen Order Printing

SmartBiz Software supports various kitchen printing formats ranging from a basic list of items to automatic grouping and printing of seat numbers

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Employee Log

The employee log has the ability to record and keep track of each employee in regards to the hours they are at work.

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Item Alert Level

Item Alert Levels can be set on any number of products before the start of trade. This feature is mainly used when there are a certain number of items available for sale and you wish to notify the clerk how many items are to sell.


Scheduled Reports

Scheduled Reports allows you to create multiple schedule entries which can be printed or emailed at a specific day and time.

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