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Restaurant Billing Software

Automate your restaurant’s complete billing operation with SmartBiz’s comprehensive Restaurant Billing Software

Smartbiz Restaurant at Night

Table Billing

Process more orders efficiently with SmartBiz’s Advanced Restaurant Billing Software

SmartBiz restaurant Tabble Billing.png
  • View the full display of the menu items on the tables.

  • Generate instantaneous Kitchen Order Tickets, to prevent human errors while taking orders.

  • Allow easy transfer between tables.

  • View the most ordered and preferred items on the menu.

  • Generate split bills on demand.

  • Track and optimize Table Turnover Time.

  • Place order on chairs when customers are sharing tables

Takeaway & Delivery

Accept orders easily with SmartBiz’s Takeaway & Delivery Module. Assign orders to your Delivery Boys & track their status real-time.


  • Accept orders from our Online Ordering App directly at the POS.

  • Assign orders to the Delivery Boys based on their availability.

  • Send push notification or sms updates to the customers 

  • Track the delivery time & the performance of the Delivery Staff.

  • Let your customers pay via mobile payments or through cash-on-delivery.

  • View detailed Reports & Analytics.


Online Ordering App

Our Restaurant Billing Software lets you accept orders from our Online Ordering App directly at the POS. Thus, eliminating the nuisances of manually calculating orders at the end of each day

SmartBiz Online Ordering App.png
  • Let your patrons order their favorite food online via our Mobile App.

  • Accept orders from Online Ordering channel directly at the POS.

  • Collect customer data from Online Ordering App and update them to the customer database.

  • Simplify your Online Food Ordering process by letting your customers save their details such as Order History, Favorite Orders & Address.

  • Offer discounts and promotions to your loyal customers via the App

Table Reservation

Let your  client easily prebook tables and order meals ahead of time. Partial or full payment can be accepted for reserved tables with meals pres selected for easy and quick service


Tablet Ordering & Billing

Let your servers accept orders from customers using SmartBiz's Waiter App. All orders are pushed directly at the POS, thus reducing delays.

  • Search and add new customer information for easy customer management

  • Process orders smoothly through table billing, takeout billing, and delivery billing

  • Split bills on demand among customers on the basis of amount and items (food and beverage) consumed.

  • Process categorized bills as per main and subcategories

  • Feedback management provided  for service feedbacks

Talet ordering Tablet Billing.png

And, that’s not all!

Multi-Currency Support


Attract customers of different nationalities by accepting all types of currencies with SmartBiz Multi-currency support helps you in expanding your business globally.

Feedback Management


Get specific feedback from your customers based on the food they ordered, the service, ambiance, etc. Analyze the performance of the dishes based on the customer feedback.

Table Reservations

Let your customers reserve the table of their choice through SmartBiz's Table Reservation feature. Customers pre-book the table and make payment even before they arrive at your restaurant.

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